Geoff Moore And The Distance

We Are Waiting

Geoff Moore And The Distance

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We Are Waiting

	  		Okay, I am 90% sure that this is just about album-accurate.  
Email me with any corrections/suggestions/etc. -Matt White 
(begins with chorus) 
           C    G              D   Em     C             G          D       Em 
We are waiting, we are waiting -- all of Your people, anticipating 
C                    G                   D              Em 
Come here our plea -- we are down on our knees 
C                  G                     C             G  
Come quickly Lord -- You are all that we need 
C                    G              D    G        DG 
Come find your people are waiting 
Verse 1: 
         Em                                G                  C 
From all across the earth -- our voices can be heard 
    Em                              G                 C 
A chorus of the faithful -- calling to the word 
   Em                             G              D Em 
A hymn of invitation -- our humble offering 
C                    G              D   G 
Come find Your people are waiting 
Verse 2: 
        Em                               G                         C 
With hands into the soil -- and hearts toward the sky 
      Em                                 G                     C 
We wait to hear Your call -- to draw us to Your side 
         Em                                   G                  D Em 
But until that final hour -- may you find us in the fields 
C                  G                    D   G 
Working with hearts that are waiting 
Verse 3: 
       Em        D            C         Em        D        C 
As a mother awaits her baby -- all of creation is ready, 
           Em                                    D 
For the trumpet to sound -- and the heavens unfold 
        C                                  D           Em 
We'll rise from the ground -- to see You Lord. 


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