Gatlin Brothers

I Just Wish You Were Someone I Loved

Gatlin Brothers


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I Just Wish You Were Someone I Loved

 I G did not C(G bass) mean to mis{C}lead you 
I D never intended that push come to G shove 
And I G donít have C(G bass) one thing C against you  
I just D wish you were G(D bass) someone I G love 
I thought I had fallen forever in love 
The minute your red gingham dress hit the F floor 
But af{D7}ter Iíd taken of all of  your favors 
The hungry inside of me cried out thereís G more 
Donít misunderstand me itís not that youíre lackiní 
The fact is your beautyís what dreams are made F of 
And I D7 do not have one thing against you sweet lady 
I just wish you were someone I love

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