Gary P. Nunn

My Kind Of Day On Padre

Gary P. Nunn


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My Kind Of Day On Padre

	  		Intro: E A F#m B E B 
E                         A                     F#m 
winnabegos and airstreams all headed north in a line,  
B                                           E                            B 
friends and relations on a coastal vacation I sure hope they had a good time  
theyre going back to the places goin back to the race  
A                                F#m 
theyll come down again theres no doubt 
its the end of the season its a pretty good reason for me to be  
headed down south 
E A B down to laguna madre cruisin over the causeway theres nobody here, E B the coast is all clear its my kind of day on Padre.
E A F#m the seven 'leven is empty theres no tshirts for sale, B E the condos are clear and they boarded the windows ready for the winter's for B E A skiing, guess Im here cause Im a nautical dreamer aint got a boat so I'll F#m B take the isle, makin friends with the seagulls and pickin up seashells E not another tourist for miles. Chorus Break, play verse chords E A F#m think I'll see whats shakin in port a stop by shortys and have me a round. B E B one old skipper and a few bay shrimpers talkin bout the fish they aint found E A F#m then the old man raises his glass, trembles as he speaks of the pier B now theyre all gone you know it wasnt that long ago remember when the E tarpon were here. Chorus Chorus B E B E B E think Im gonna stay on padre, its my kind of day on Padre ENJOY!

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