Doug Sahm

At The Crossroads

Doug Sahm


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At The Crossroads

Written by Doug Sahm

	  		Doug Sahm            At The Crossroads   written by Doug Sahm 
Sir Douglas Quintet 
Doug Sahm      vocals/guitar 
Augie Meyers   organ 
John Perez     drums 
Harvey Regan   guitar 
Frank Morin    bass 
E                D       A         E    Esus 
Leaving you girl heading down the road 
E                        D      A     E   Esus 
You left me many burdens such a heavy load 
                 B                 A 
And it sure does wig me out when I think about 
          E  Esus E 
What went down 
E          D     A        E  Esus E 
Crossroads of my life was here 
E                D        A          E 
When a phase can begin to wreck your life 
Roll on thru my mind 
       A                               E  Esus E 
Till I have the time to concentrate on you 
E       A 
You can teach me lots of lessons 
You can bring me lots of gold 
But you just can't live in Texas 
       E                  B 
If you don't have lots of soul 
E                D       A         E   Esus  E 
Leaving you girl for the very last time 
E                D      A          E 
Leaving you girl really blown your mind 
And where your living now 
        A                              E   Esus  E 
You are finding out how the other half lives 
 From The Mendocino LP 
 Smash Records 1969 
Southern Love Music(BMI) 

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