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Tip of my tongue Banjo


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by soloreimer

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Tip of my tongue

B               B/A 
Tonight the nigt I´m gonna 
B/G#       B/A           B 
make my true confession. 
I got my courage up 
          B/G#            B/A 
There´s nothing that can keep me down. 
B                 B/A 
Now my words get tangled up 
    B/G#        B/A 
in good intentions 
F#                             E 
but I know what my heart wants to say. 
B B/A  B/G#  B 
B           B/A 
I´ve got to let you know 
    B/G#         B/A     B 
for worse or for better. 
There´s A hundred ways  
that I could show you 
But it wouldn´t matter 
  B         B/A 
Its time to tell you 
      B/G#            B/A 
And I try to keep it simple 
F#                       D 
I know what you want to hear 
F#                    E 
Why do I forget everytime  
you get near. 
B             B/A        B/G#    B     repeat 4 times 
Right on the tip of my tounge. 
B           B/A 
Look In my eyes 
            B/G#        B/A  
and tell me what do you see. 
         B                B/A 
There´s a message that Iám sending 
       B/G#         B/A 
and I hope you receive. 
B             B/A 
My words get tangled up 
   B/G#         B/A 
In good intentions 
F                                E 
You know what my hearts wants to say. 

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