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At The Foot Of The Mountain

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At The Foot Of The Mountain


Intro Am  F7M  G  C  E7  
        Am  F7M  G  Am   

Am                    Dm 
There is a felling around me 
G                         C         E7 
I can't describe, It is all new to me 
Am                       Dm 
Oh Lord, my heart is reviving 
G                       C         E7 
A feeling of hope is invading my soul 
Am             Am/C        Dm     
I want to be gentle, be pure 
Dm/F.       Am       E7         Am 
Be fair and a humble kind of a man 
Dm                          G 
Jesus, your loving words reach me 
                 C          G/B     Am 
Telling of a kingdom that waits for me 
Dm                   G 
I offer you all my tears 
                  C                      E7 
And pains of a soul that, wants to be reborn 
        Am         Dm 
I have heard your voice 
        G      C     E7 
Your words amazed me 
        Am        Dm                   
Want to follow your steps 
         G              C 
Want to know where I'll go 
       Dm  F 
Here I am 
    E  E/G#     Am 
My soul is relieved 

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