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Comin On Strong Banjo

Brenda Lee

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Comin On Strong

Intro: F C G C Dm 

          C                 Am 
Comin' on strong, comin' on strong..I can  
         C                     G 
feel the heartaches, comin' on strong. 
I can feel the teardrops, the pain, and  
Am         F                 G 
Ever since you've been gone, they been comin'  
on strong. 

G     C              G    C       G    C 
Pain (pain)..come on in..(come on in)..hello,  
G   C    G            C     G      C     G 
sor-row, I see you're back again..(back again.) 
    D       G   D            G           D 
Teardrops..(teardrops)..glad you dropped by.. 
 G           D          G       D  G  D G 
(you dropped by)..cause you can he-el-p drown  
   D  G D 
my pr-i-de. 

D                E      A     E         A 
And since you're here..(da-da-da)..time seems  
     E      A     E       A       E 
just fine..(da-da-da) let you know that  
       A             E        A       G 
you're gonna be with me til I lose my mind. 

But you've been gone..(da-da-da-da)..much too  
Am                                      F 
long..(da-da-da-da)..and I can feel the heartaches,  
C         G 
comin' on strong. 
               F                       C 
Only thing you left me, was misery for company, 
    Am            F                G 
and memories of a love gone wrong, that keep 
          C                  F 
comin' on strong..(Comin' on strong.) 

          C                  F 
Comin' on strong..(comin' on strong)..comin' on  
C                  F                  C 
strong..(comin' on strong)..comin' on strong.. 
           F                  C 
(comin' on strong)..comin' on strong..(Fade.)  

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