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Rivers Of Babylon Banjo

Bob Marley

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Rivers Of Babylon

  		Alright, this is a very easy song. email me at [email protected] for more info. its basically G and D major. The song starts like this: 
Intro riff1: 
E---3-3---- < after that riff play G major (listen to song for the rythem, repeat once) 
Intro riff2: 
A---2-2-3-3-2-- < after this riff play D major, listen for rythem 
Intro riff3: 
A---0-0-2-2-0 < after this riff play G to the same rythem 
Then play: 
By the rivers of babylon 
Where he sat down 
G            D 
And there he went 
D                  G 
When he remembered Zion 
Alpha the wicked, carrry us away 
G         C                 G 
captivity requirs from us a song 
G                                      D       G 
how can we sing kind alpha's song in a strange land 
G                       D 
so let the words of our mouth 
D           G              D 
and the meditations of our heart 
D        G           D 
be exceptable in thy sight (strum D and then pause) 
over I (do not play anything at "over" and resume playing at "I")  


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