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Restin' Your Soul Banjo

Billy Bob Thornton

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Restin' Your Soul

  		NOTE: The walkdown from D to the Bm is a D/C# 

INTRO: D  Bm  D  Bm  D 

D           Bm 
Why did you go 
Restin' your soul, restin' your soul 
D             Bm 
Now I have to go 
Travelin' alone, travelin' alone 

Bm                      E 
I don't blame you in so many different ways 
Bm                           C  G 
I might have done the same myself 
Bm                             E 
But if you could see how I get through every day 
G                               A 
You'd know why I could use your help 

SOLO (CHORUS chords) 

Bm                         E 
I've always wondered if we black out and just go 
Bm                      C  G 
That has always been my fear 
Bm                        E 
If you're lookin' for the magic that's unknown 
     G                              A 
Just know that you stole some magic here 

CHORUS (2x) 

SOLO out

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