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Hearts Like Mine Banjo

Billy Bob Thornton

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Hearts Like Mine

  		INTRO: G  Am  Em  C   G  Am  Em  C   

G                       Am 
I sit here in my lonely room 
G                             Am 
The sunshine breaks the dusty gloom 
   Em                        C 
It spots the magazine on the table 
     G                              D 
Your Covergirl eyes burn right thru me 

G                           Am 
I see myself in the lookin' glass 
G                        Am 
I see some freak starin' back 
Em                          C 
And even though I know it's me 
         A7                           D 
It's the inside I wish that you could see 

    G           Am 
And hearts like mine  
     Em         C 
Love girls like you 
     G           Am 
Yeah hearts like mine 
     Em         C 
Love girls like you 

G                             Am 
I sit here in this cold steel chair 
    G                                      Am 
The turns in life for some just don't seem fair 
Em                      C 
When I roll over to the TV 
A7                   D 
I can still turn you on 


        G                           Am 
Still I thank our lucky stars every day 
          G                              Am 
That it's possible for some to have your fate 
Em                         C 
And I can hope that you'll find 
A7                             D 
Someone with a heart just like mine 

CHORUS (2x) 

C      D    G 
Hearts like mine

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