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Dark And Mad Banjo

Billy Bob Thornton

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Dark And Mad

Year: 2001 - Album: Private Radio

  		INTRO: E 
E                     A         E 
Why is this window so dirty and gray 
E                       A     E 
I can't see you through it anymore  
   E                 A            E 
It may be the smoke, it's hard to say 
    E                      A         E 
The fact is this place has too many doors 
I can't find a handle on any of them 
Maybe I see one but I don't wanna turn it 
What if I did and it opened on him 
Ain't truth a bitch when you're havin' to learn 

B A E Before a heart breaks it has to bend A B It's the last one to know when love comes to an end A E And here I sit crazy, lonesome and sad D A E Watchin' me dark and mad D A E Watchin' me dark and mad
This cigarette burns like the pain in my soul When the fire gets too hot the ash turns to coal The smoke tells a story, it's sad but it's true It turns into a ghost that looks just like you Well I close my eyes and I silently scream My mind comes and goes, it drifts and it dreams The cold hand of death is welcomin' warm It's the essence of love in it's darkest form CHORUS D A E Watchin' me dark and mad D A E Watchin' me dark and mad OUTRO: E

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