Better Than Ezra

Circle of Friends

Better Than Ezra


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Circle of Friends

(Better Than Ezra)

	  		D	     Bm
Well how the times have changed
G	       A Asus2
Looking back it seems so clear now
D	       Bm	      A
Everything you wanted in your life
A Asus2
Everything is certain
D	Bm
Try and understand
G		A
put a checklist on your wall
D	      Bm	  	 A Asus2
I am not what you think I should be
G Bm But your making amends A Bm for your circle of friends G Bm A And your trying to fit me to their mold
Riff: Bm G Bm D Bm G Bm D Verse 2: When you try and make decisions will you try and water this thing down? Look up once in a while, you'll see it's not so clear. The things you believe in are the things that's worth keeping Make a promise stand right by your word. Chorus Break A7sus2 A Chorus Riff Break

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