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Two Babies In The Dark Banjo

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Two Babies In The Dark

Year: 1992 - Album: Generator

A G A G A G E G A  
There's a light on in the hallway,  
o I can't understand,  
hy you hide underneath the cover,  
there's a baby in your womb,  
so don't be scared tonight,  
because Raggedy Ann is in the closet picking posies,  
Two babies in the dark,  
like diamonds in the sand,  
While papa's far away making up children's stories  
The little one's inside,  
so afraid to be alone,  
B E D C B  
She's trying to be brave until the daddy comes home  
so if you chance to see her,  
please tell her it's alright,  
'cause everyone fights the tendency to snap,  
sometimes it's not a matter of being brave and strong,  
'cause noises in the house are terrifying,  
I'll put you to sleep at night,  
like a foreign movie,  
I'll sing lullabies,  
and I'll teach you about everything,  
F G  
and I'll only ask one thing,  
Please save me 
Contribuição: Alex  HC([email protected]) 


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