Bad Boys Blue

You're A Woman

Bad Boys Blue

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You're A Woman

Cm Fm Bb Eb (G) 

verse 1: 
Cm       Bb                   Cm      Gm 
Tonight, there be no darkness tonight 
Cm          Bb                       Cm    Gm 
Hold tight, let your lovelight shine bright 
Ab                              Eb 
Listen to my heart and lay your body next to mine 
Ab                 Fm                (Gsus4)  G 
Let me fill your soul with all my dreams 

Cm Fm You're a woman, I'm a man Bb Eb This is more than just a game (G) Cm Fm I can make you feel so right G Cm be my lady of the night (G) Cm Fm You're a woman I'm a man Bb Eb you're my fortune I'm your fame (G) Cm Fm these are things we can't disguise G Cm be my lady of the night
Interlude: Cm - F - Cm Cm - F - C verse 2: Cm Bb Cm Gm Lay back, back in my tenderness Cm Bb Cm Gm And take, take all of my sweet caress Ab Eb You've got all of me, It can't go wrong if you agree Ab Fm (Gsus4) G Soon two hearts will beat in extasy

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