Anand Bhatt

On My Mind Ii

Anand Bhatt

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On My Mind Ii


Cm              Ab                     Fm 
I saw you that day, knowing we should play 
that love connection 
Cm                            Ab             Fm     G 
Feel that sweat it drips from me, you are my fantasy 

Cm                   Bb 
In the middle of the bedroom floor now 
Cm                    Bb 
I feel you're getting hot 
Cm             Bb 
Right here for what's in store now 
Ab                           Fm 
In the middle of your heated touch 
Cm            Bb 
All over your body baby 
Cm              Bb 
I'm gettin to you this time 
Cm       Bb               Ab               Fm    Cm - Bb - Cm - Bb - C - Bb - Ab - G 
All the freaky things you do, you know are on my mind 
Cm                       Ab 
Baby you've sure got the moves 
                Fm         G 
It really does improve, on my reflection 
Cm                           Ab 
Hear the sounds that you can make 
                     Fm - G 
When you heart's at stake 

Cm          Bb        Eb            Ab 
We had the chance, to have romance everyday 
Cm          Bb        Eb          Ab - Cm - Bb - Eb - Ab 
All this could mean for you to stay 

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