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Stars Banjo

Alison Krauss

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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E                      F# 
Stood out in the rain, let it soak me down 
      A                    E 
for I called you. I called you. 
You did not see me there, hidden by the dark 
             A                 E 
beneath your window, but I saw you. 
     G#                        A 
When putting on a face for the mirror on the wall 
G#                                 Esus4 A 
dreaming that the looking glass is yo----u 
catching my fondest gazes, 
                                 A E    B 
living through my fickle phases, I love you. 
E                        F# 
Spend my dimes on phones trying just to talk, 
              A                  E 
but you don't answer, you let it ring. 
Spend my nights alone catching falling stars 
           A                           E 
to give to you, love, they're just for you. 
G#                            A 
Stars fall every time a lover has to face the truth, 
    G#                              Esus4 A 
and far too many stars have fell on me-----e. 
And as they trail the skies, I 
                               A E C#m 
burn their paths upon my eyes. I-i cry. 
And it's getting easier each day to weep about you, 
C#m                             A 
harder every night to sleep without you. 
F#                                               A    F#   C#m 
How many years must I be driven by this dream of love with you? 
Outro: A | F# | C#m 


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