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Try A Little Tenderness Banjo

Al Jarreau

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Try A Little Tenderness

Year: 1994 - Album: Tenderness


A        F#m   D9          E7 
She may be weary  women do get weary 
 A      C#m7/5-     F#7   
Wearing the same shabby dress 
D9     E7/13  E7  D9 
And when she's weary,  
 Bm5-/7 Cdim    E7     A  F#m D9 Dm6 E7 
Try  a  little tenderness 
A     F#m       D9      Dm6  Cdim  E7 
You know she's waiting, just anticipating 
A       C#m5-/7  F#7  Gdim  F#7 
Things she may never possess 
Bm           Bm/A     D9     
While she's without them,  
  Bm5-/7  Cdim   E7     A   D9 Bb7M A A7 
Try   a   little tendeness 

   D       Fdim  C#7 
It's not  just   sentimental 
F#m      Bm7       F#m 
She has her grief and care 
   D        Cdim    F#7 
And a word that's soft and gentle 
   B7     Cdim  B7  E7 
Makes  it easier to bear 
A   G#m     F#m      D9    Dm6    Cdim Bb9 
You won't regret it  women don't forget it 
A   Cdim     C#m5-/7 Bm5-/7    F#7  Gdim  F#7 
Love is their whole  happiness 
Bm  Bm5-/7   E7/13 E7    
It's all  so   easy   
 D9    Bm5-/7  Cdim  E7  A  D9 Bb7M A6 
Try  a  little    tenderness. 

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