Adam Dodd

I Fucked A Fat Girl

Adam Dodd

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I Fucked A Fat Girl




        E           A 
Last night I made a big mistake, 
            Bm                   A 
And I drank way too much at this party, 
  E                A 
I downed a pint of Captain Morgan?s, 
       Bm             A 
Then I chased it with Bacardi, 
             E                   A 
Then I had a dozen shots of Jose Cuervo, 
Bm                A 
Jaeger, Jim, then Jack, 
      Bm                A          E 
Oh, I wish I could take what I did back? 

Beat. Beat. Beat.  

E I fucked a fat girl, A Bm A Oh yeah, I can't believe I did it, E A It must have been the alcohol, Bm A That convinced me to hit it, E A I?d never do it sober, no, Bm A So, this was sorta new, Bm But them fat girls, hey, A E They need some lovin? too,
E A Bm A (2x) verse 1 E A Bm A Well, I swear I should stop drinking after what I did that night, E A Bm A I know that I was pretty tanked, but it did not make it right, E A Bm A I saw her in the corner, she was standing by the kegs, E A Bm A And I smelt her strong aroma, of a turd and scrambled eggs, E A Bm A Her shadow looked like that guy in ?Lost?, and she had quadruple chins, E A Bm A And her belly button was a hiding place, for her two little brother twins, E A Bm A Her waist-size was elastic, and her nipples looked like pancakes, E A Bm A And no boys showed up to her yard, ?cause she drank all the milkshakes, Chorus verse 2 CHORDS SAME AS verse 1 REPEAT Chorus verse 3 CHORDS SAME AS verse 1&2 Chorus

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