A Camp


A Camp

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fig 1 fig 2 E--5-3--------||--5-3--------| B------5-3----||------5------| G----------5--||--------5----| D-------------||-------------| A-------------||-------------| E-------------||-------------|
verse 1 fig 1 Gm F Why can't you just forget about algebra A / A7 / A it's all about you now fig 2 Gm F And all your talk of logic and formula A could never help you now A Asus2 A A7 A (not any more)
Dm 'Cause you were always G7 on the run C Am from the darkness in your heart Dm so you wear it Em A on the outside of your chest
verse 2 fig 2 Gm F I have taken liberty A / A7 / A to tell your ghost to go fig 2 Gm F bribing them with sunlight and sympathy A they've promised not to show A Asus2 A A7 A (for a while) Chorus Dm 'Cause you were always G7 the little boy C Am who couldn't keep it to yourself Dm so your heart Em A is on the outside of your chest Solo just try to play along with Nina bend! E------5-7------8-7------7-5--------5----5-8-7-------7(8)7---------------| B--3-6------6-5------6-5------5-6-8----6--------8-5--------8(9)8-5(6)5---| G------------------------------------------------------------------------| D------------------------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------------------------| Gm F At the speed of light A you moved inside my home Gm F nothing is alright A if you're still alone Outro Dm And your heart G7 is greater than C Am the sum of you and everyone Dm G7 but still you're always on the run C Am from the poison in your lungs Dm Em and your heart is on the outside A of your chest.

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