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Another Brick In The Wall - Part II Bass Tab

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by Teusalves

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Another Brick In The Wall - Part II

Year: 1988 - Album: Delicate Sound Of Thunder

(Roger Waters)

  		          "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2"    Repeat 4X  
G ------/--------------------//-----------------------//----------------------  
D ------/--------------------//.---------------------.//----------------------  
A ------/--R1--------R1------//.----3-5---5-5-0-0-3--.//--------------------  
D ---5--/-------0------------//---0-------------------//---5-----5-----5--5-  
                                                  To Guitar Solo  
G -------------------------------------------------------------/------------  
D -------------------------------------------------------------/------------  
A -----------5-3-5---5-5----------3-----3-5---5-5-----------3--/------------  
D ---5-5-5-5-------------7-7-5-3------0-----------7-7-5-3------/-0----------  
NOTE:  Then repeat the whole song starting from the single bar line at the   
beginning of "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2."  Keep going until you reach  
the single bar line that has "To Guitar Solo" above.  Then go straight to   
the next part written below.  This part actually starts a measure before the  
                         Guitar Solo              Repeat until the end  
G ---------------------//-------------------------------------------//------  
D ---------------------//.-----------------------------------------.//------  
A -----3-5---5-5-0-0-3 //.---5-3-5---5-5-0-0-3------3-5---5-5-0-0-3.//------  
D ---0-----------------//-------------------------0-----------------//------ 

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