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Misty Mountain Hop Bass Tab

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Misty Mountain Hop

Year: 1971 - Album: Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO)

  		There are really only three parts to the tab: 
Section 1: 
      Q.    Q   S   S  S   Q. 
------------------------2---------------	Do this 4 times 
Section 2 
    S S S S S S S S S etc......... 
The first two sections repeat a few times, then it goes to: 
Section 3 
And you know how it is.............          I really don't... 
        Q        S   S    S    S       E  E    E    Q. E 
     time it was.....                    whoa, oh,           ho 
      W+					            E 
    S    S    S    S        E	        S     S    S    S    Q. 
Just mix and match as necessary through the song.  It should not 
be too hard to figure out.  If there are any mistakes just e-mail me 
and let me know. Also, I am not sure if the timing and note choices 
 are correct, but I am sort of new to this. It should be a decent start, 
Ryan Klein 
[email protected] 
S = sixteenth note 
E = eighth note 
W = Whole note 
E.= dotted eighth note 
#H= hammer on to that note 
W+ = extended Whole note 

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