Guns N' Roses

Sweet Child O' Mine (ver. 3)

Guns N' Roses

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Sweet Child O' Mine (ver. 3)

The guitar plays alone for a few bars, and then the bass comes in as;

G: -------------4-----------|---------------------|-----|-----|
D: ---4---4-5-7----7-5-4----|---5--3-2----3--2----|-----|-5---|
A: -5---5-----------------5-|-3---------3-------3-|-----|-----|
E: -------------------------|---------------------|-3---|-----|

G: ------------------------------|
D: --5-4---5--4-----5-4----5--4--|
A: ------5-------5-------5-------|
E: ------------------------------|

The basic pattern for the verses goes like this;

G: -------|---|----|-----|
D: ---5---|-3--|-----|-5---|
A: -------|----|-3---|-----|
E: -------|----|-----|-----|

With some of the licks added in it goes;
-the first note in each bar takes 3 of 4 beats.

G: ----------------|------------------|-----------------|-------------|
D: -------5-0-5-0--|--------3-2-------|-----------------|-------5--4--|
A: --5-------------|---3---------3-2--|------2-3-4-5----|-5-----------|
E: ----------------|------------------|-3---------------|-------------|


G: ----------------|---------|--------------|--------|
D: ----------------|---------|--------------|--------|
A: ----------------|-5-5-----|--------------|-5-5----|
E: -----5-5--3-3---|---------|---5-5--3-3---|--------|
*woh, oh, oh, oh, sweet child o' mine*

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