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Another Second Time Around Bass Tab

Goo Goo Dolls

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Another Second Time Around


chris dunne 
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Here ya go!
by the 
(off Superstar CarWash)

G - 3xxx
D - x5xx
E - x7xx
C - x3xx
B - x2xx 

(no bass at start)

G	    D		    E		  	    C

G	     D		       E		    C


(bass in here)

D------------0--0----0----2-2-2-4------------------------- (2x)

G	    D		    E		C

G	    D		 E			C

G	  D			  E			 C

G	       D		       E		       C

G	  D		  E			  C

G	  D		    B		C

G	  D			 E			C

G	  D		    B		C
D	   C

  D			C		   D


  D				C


Do the break riff (2x)

G	D		 E		    C

G	    D		    E	   		C

G	     D		 E			C

G	       D		    E		 C

G	  D		  E			  C

G	  D		    B		C

G	  D			 E			C

G	  D		    B		C

G	  D		    B		C

G	  D		    B		C

End on


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