Faith no More


Faith no More


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Year: 1992 - Album: Angel Dust


       w  3x H s s s s     q q q s s s s  4x  s e s s e s s e s s s s s  8x
                                            1st Verse

        E s e e e  4x    q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e

  q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e  2x  q q Q  4x  h+Q   h+Q

  h+Q  +h+Q  2x        E s e e e  8x        q q q e  6x        E s e e e  4x

        s e s s e s s e s s s s s  8x        q q Q  4x q q e e e
      2nd Verse

  q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e   q q e e e

  q q e e e     h+Q   h+Q   h+Q  +h+Q  2x        w  6x      w        w  6x
                                               Strings enter

     w      w     q q q s s s s  7x  s e s s e s s e s s s s s  8x
                                   3rd Verse

    q q q s s s s  16x w

1. Credits

All songs by Faith No More except Midnight Cowboy:  by John Barry, 
Performed by Faith No More.  From the album Angel Dust and the maxi-
single Songs To Make Love To.  (C) 1969 EMI U Catalog Inc./Barwin 
Music, Inc. This Arrangement (C) 1992  EMI U Catalog Inc./Barwin 
Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

All transcriptions by Joe White except "A Small Victory" which appeared 
in Guitar For The Practicing Musician, Sept. 1992.  This transcription 
was re-tabbed, as the origional had too many nuances that needn't be

Joe White claims no copyright on these tabs, the copyright belongs to 
Faith No More's publishing company.  Feel free to use these files, edit 
them, etc.  Just give credit to me, like this:

transcribed by Joe White ([email protected])

2.  Tablature Explanation
  ==                               All Songs                               ==
  ==             created with a demo version of BUCKET O' TAB              ==
  ==                tablature creation software for Windows                ==
  ==                    For more info email [email protected]                    ==
  ==                                                                       ==
  ==                                                                       ==
  ==                         TABLATURE EXPLANATION                         ==

  ----------                ----------                ----t---
  ----5h8--- Hammeron       ----(8)--- Ghost          ----6--- Tap
  ----------                ---------- Note           --------
  ----5p8--- Pulloff        ----------                --------

  ----------                ----------                -----p--
  ----5/8--- Slide Up       -----x---- Dead           -----7-- Pop
  ----------                ---------- Note           --s-----
  ----5\8--- Slide Down     ----------                --5----- Slap 

  ----------                ||------|| Repeat         --------
  ----5~~~-- Vibrato        ||*----*||                ---5^--- Bend
  ----------                ||*----*||                -------- (up, one step)
  ----------                ||------||                --------
  ----------                ---------- Trill to       --------
  -4:------- Time           ---------- note in        ---5^--- Bend
  -4:------- Signature      -0(1)----- parenthesis    -------- (up, 1/2 step)
  ----------                ----------                --------

  w = whole note            W = dotted whole
  h = half note             H = dotted half
  q = quarter note          Q = dotted quarter
  e = eighth note           E = dotted eighth
  s = sixteenth note        S = dotted sixteenth
  t = 32nd note             T = dotted 32nd
  x = 64th note             X = dotted 64th
  ^ = triplet               + = tie to previous note


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