Bob Marley

Mix Up Mix Up Bass Tab

Bob Marley

Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Mix Up Mix Up

Year: 1983 - Album: Confrontation

  		                         BOB MARLEY and THE WAILERS 
                              MIX UP , MIX UP 
                          album:  CONFRONTATION 
        INTRO and CHORUS     
G ||-------------------------------------------------------|| 
D ||------------------------------3--2--2-O------55--333---|| 
A ||-3----------------3------------------------------------|| 
E ||------5-3-5---------5--3-5-----------------------------|| 
G ||-----------------------------------------------|| 
D ||------------------------------3--2--2-O--------|| 
A ||-3----------------3----------------------------|| 
E ||------5-3-5---------5--3-5---------------------|| 
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