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You Are My Flower Tab

Earl Scruggs

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You Are My Flower

	  Earl Scruggs:  
You Are My Flower

This is my first tab.Hope you enjoy it. C G7 E--------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------0--------------- D---------2-2-3-2-0----0----0--------0-0-2--0-------------- A-3-0-2-3----------3--2-0-2------2-3----------2--0-2-3--3-- E--3----------------3----3---3------------------3-----3---- C G7 E-----0-0-1-0------------------------3-2-1----------------- B---1---------3-1-0-1-3-1------------0-0-0--3-0------------ G-0-----------------------2-0-----0-------------2-0-------- D-----------------------------2-3-------------------3-2---- A---------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- G7 E----------------0-1-------------------- B------------3-3-----3-0-----0-1-------- G----------0-------------0-2------------ D-0-0-----------------------------2----- A-----2-----------------------------2--- E-------3-----------------------------3- Play this first.Then after the chorus play the part that starts at the second C chord.

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