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Great Is Your Love Chords


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by 2u4ubyu

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Great Is Your Love

	  Intro: (single strums, whole or half notes)  E5 - Bsus4 - A2/C# -  
Bsus4 - E5 
       E5    Bsus4 
I will praise You O Lord my God with all of my heart 
  (Great is Your love to me) 
       A2/C#        Bsus4    E5 
I will glorify Your name forever (repeat) 
              (You  have delivered me) (repeat) 
C#m7        A2/F# 
    Hear the passion of my prayer O Lord 
A2          Bsus4 E5 
  I have a desperate need to praise Your name 
C#m7           A2/F#              A2 
    Your forgiveness and Your mercy are the only way 
That I can get to You to say  
C#m7        A2/F# 
    Just to know you is to be alive 
A2              Bsus4          E5 
  Your love has lifted me up from my grave 
C#m7          A2/F#              A2 
    You have rescued me from sin and I am blown away 
It's all that I can do to say  
Last Chorus: 
A2(/C#)    Bsus4    C#m7 
       You have delivered me (repeat) 
A2(/C#)    Bsus4    E5 
       You have delivered me  
You found it at E-Chords 
Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 


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