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Everything about you Chords

Ugly Kid Joe

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by ambChile

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Everything about you

	  Intro: G D G D .... 
G      D                                       G   D 
I, hate the rain and sunny weather, 
G      D                                              G   D 
and I, hate the beach and moutains too; 
           G      D                                      G        D 
(and) I don't like a thing about the city, no, no 
     G      D                                     G   D7 
and I, I, I, hate the country side too ! 
       C      D                               G  
and I, hate everything about you ! 
        D                        G 
.. everything about you ! 
G      D                                             G   D 
I don't like a thing about your mother, 
G      D                                       G   D 
and I, I hate your daddy's guts too, 
G      D                                            G        D 
I don't like a thing about your sister, no, no 
          G     D                                       G   D7 
'cause I, I, I, think sex is overrated too. 
      C		D		 
and I, get sick when I'm around, 
C	   D 
I, can't stand to be around 
C       D                            G 
I, hate everything about you ! 
D                        G        D                        G 
everything about you, everything about you, 
D                        G 
everything about you 
Some day I got a bad attitude, 
but that don't change the way I feel about you, 
If you think all this might be bringing me down, 
D                        			G 
look again cause I ain't wearin' no frown ! 
Fast part: 
G      D                                          G   D 
I don't really care about your sister 
G      D                                                           G   D 
Forget the little bitch 'cause I already kissed her 
G      D                                       G   D 
One thing that I did to your lady 
G      D                                                        G   D7 
Put her on the bed and she didn't say maybe 
C		D		 
I know you know everybody knows 
C		D		 
the way it comes, the way it goes 
C		D		 
you think it's sad well that's too bad 
C			D				G 		
'cause I'm havin' a ball and never cared a thing about you 
D                        G         D                        G 
Everything about you, everything about .. 
C                D 
I get sick when I'm around 
C                D 
I can't stand to be around 
C D                           		   G 
I hate everything about......... you 
End: G D C D  G 


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