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Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Chords

Trisha Yearwood

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Believe Me Baby (I Lied)

	  notes C BC    C B C  C B C   C# D  D C B A    E F D   
bass down C B A G 
This song is based on a chord riff. G\G F\F C\C 
          G    F      C                 G        F       C 
If there ever was a time  that I could use your trust in me 
               G   F      C               G       F       C 
and if there ever was a reason for me to get down on my knees  
           G    F      C  (notes C B C)           G      F         C 
(notes C B C)  
and if there's any    way                that you could love me anyhow   
        G    F          C                 G      F    C        (notes C B C) 
If you ever had much faith in me I could use a little now 
C                     F                        G                C   
When I said it would suit me fine if you were out of sight and out of mind 
bass walk down to Am               Am                F                   Em 
G    walk down to C 
 that wasn't me talking that was my wounded pride                               
  C                   F                          G              C 
When I said I didn't want your love and you were no one I was thinking of  
bass walk down      Am          F G     C        notes C B C G F E D  
                    Believe me baby I lied. 
G               F     C               G      F    C 
Well I got no good excuses but I got plenty of regrets 
        G   F         C                      G      F    C 
and I wish this was some bad dream I could wake up and forget 
                    G   F  C                  G    F        C     notes C B C  
'cause you're the only one     that I could never stand to lose 
       G          F    C       G    F          C         notes C B C 
You're all I've ever wanted  Baby that's the truth.  


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