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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (ver. 3) Chords

The Platters

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Lovesongs

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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (ver. 3)

	    E    E7+     E7   F#m7 
They asked me how I knew  
B7                E    E+   A  
My true love was true; 
Gdim    Edim     E6 
I   of course replied, 
E          E7+    F#m7  
"Something here inside  
B7          E      C#m    A    B7 
Cannot be denied." 
  E   E7+        E7         F#m 
They said, "Someday you'll find  
 B7               E     E+   A  
All who love are blind. 
Gdim      Edim        E6 
When your heart's on fire,  
 E       E7+   F#m7 
You must re-al-ize  
B7                   E     Am7      E      G      G7 
Smoke gets in your eyes." 
       C          C/B           Am7  
So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed  
    Am7/G            G   Gdim  G  G7 
To think they could doubt my love 
  C          C/B         Am7 
Yet today my love has flown away,  
 Am7/G    E  E7+ F#m7   B7 
I am without my love. 
  E    E7+     E7       F#m 
Now laughing friends deride  
   B7           E    E+   A 
Tears I cannot hide; 
Gdim   Edim       E6    
So   I smile and say,  
  E     E7+           F#m 
"When a lovely flame dies,  
  B7/9     B7        E     F#m    E   C#m 
Smoke gets in your eyes." 
  A   Am7  Am7 Am7/G   E 
Smoke gets in  your  eyes. 


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