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Night's in White Satin Chords

The Moody Blues

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by jrbryant

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Night's in White Satin

	          Em                       D 
(1.)  Night?s in White Satin, 
Em                          D 
Never reaching the end 
C                     G 
Letters I?ve written, 
F                           Em 
Never meaning to send. 
        Em                         D 
(2.) Beauty I?ve always bent, 
   Em                      D 
With these eyes before. 
C                     G 
Just What the truth is, 
 F                        Em 
I can?t say any - more. 
		                          A                                       C 
          (Chorus): But, I love you,                 Yes, I love you 
                                    Em       D9                            Em              D9 
		Oh, how I love you.          Oh,   how   I love you. 
  Em            D 
Gazing at people, 
 Em                 D 
Some hand in hand, 
 C                     G 
Just what I?m going through 
 F                               Em 
They can?t    under-stand 
Em                D 
Some try to tell me, 
Em                               D 
Thoughts they can not defend. 
C                      G 
Just what you want to be, 
 F                           Em 
You will be in the end. 
(Chorus)   Vs. 1 & 2 (lead chords Em   D    C   B     Em    D     C    B     Em   C    Em   C 
                                 A   B    A   B     Em    D9    Em   D9) (Chorus x 2 and fade) 


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