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Out Of Mind Out Of Sight Chords

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Out Of Mind Out Of Sight

	  C				Bb			F			C 
Hey,  hey  hon - ey when I'm 	with - out you I get a 	chill up and down my 	spine	And I 
C				Bb			F				C 
feel  so  ho t and  the		pain  won't  stop 	Tear-in' at this heart of 	mine 	But I 
F				F			G7			G7 
Would - n't have it,   I 	know I can          Say I 	wouldn't have it any other way	Do you 
F					F 
like  the  way  I  love  you  when  you 	turn out the lights	Do you 
C				C 
Like  the  way  it  feels  when I 	hold you tight		Do you 
F				F 
Like  the  way  I  say  I'm 	com - in' on home	I 
C					C 
take you when I want you When you're 	on your own 
	Eb		 F			C	C 
Out of mind out of sight gonna keep my body tight 
	Eb		 F			C	C 
Out of mind out of sight gonna keep my body tight 
Well come a little bit closer now		I've got something to say to you 
And if your body touches me		I just don't know what I might do 
So hold me honey here on the bed, 	I've got a notion in my head 


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