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Lonely Women Make Good Lovers Chords

Steve Wariner

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Lonely Women Make Good Lovers

	  Intro: D 

D G A Lonely women make good lovers G A They're all at the mercy of a good lookin' smooth talkin' man D G A Lonely women make good lovers G A D So if you've got a woman, better treat her just as good as you can.
Verse 1: D G A D Lots of times a lonely girl will go out on the town G A D A With no thoughts of evil on her mind. D G A D She don't try to plant bad seeds, but lord knows there's somethin' every woman needs G A D A And a friendly smile will do it every time. Chorus: Verse 2: Once a woman's tasted love, she can't do without it She'll search for something warm when she gets cold And if her lips are wet with wine, when it comes to lovin' time She'll trade her pride for somethin' warm to hold. Chorus: D G D Lonely women make good lovers

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