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Break The Rules Chords

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by tarikike

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Break The Rules

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guitar #1: E|-------------10----------12-------10-------8----7--2-| H|----10-11-12----12-12/13----13-12----12-10---10-8--3-| G|-12---------------------------------------------7--2-| D|---------------------------------------------------0-| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------| guitar #2: E|-------------15----------15-------15------15-------2-| H|----------12----12-12/13----13-12----12------------3-| G|-12-14-15-------------------------------14---14-12-2-| D|------------------------------------------------12-0-| A|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------|
Break The Rules (Rossi/Young/Parfitt/Coghlan/Lancaster) G Spent a long long evening in a low down honky-tonk bar Pulled a low down lady with a long black honky-tonk car C I asked no questions, got no lies, Bb G I walked off with her, I didn't want any ties Bb G And I knew it wasn't right D F D C Bb G - D But everybody has to sometimes break the rules. G Took me down on the highway doin' too may miles an hour By that way she motor-talked we might have made the Eiffel Tower. C She stopped her motor by her own front door, Bb G I knew she'd done it so many times before Bb G And I was offered the floor. D F D C Bb G - D But everybody has to sometimes break the rules. guitar solo:
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G E|------------10------------------10-----------------15----12--------------| H|---------------10-12---------------10-12--15r12-------15----13-15-12-----| G|-7(/8/9)/12----------7(/8/9)/12-----------------12-------------------12--| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| C E|----------15-12----------------------------8------12r8------! H|-15r12----------15-12--10-8-8h10r8-11r10r8---10r8------8----| G|-------12------------------------------------------------10-| D|------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| G D E|------------10-----------------15-12----------------------------| H|---------------10-12--15r12----------15-12-----10-10-10---------| G|-7(/8/9)/12-----------------12--------------------------9b10-7--| D|--------------------------------------------12------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| F D C Bb G D G E|-13b15-12b13r12-10--------------------------------------------| H|-------------------10b11r10-8---------------------------------| G|----------------------------------12----10h11-----------------| D|-------------------------------12----12-------12-10-----------| A|----------------------------------------------------13-12-10--| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
second solo: piano third solo: harmonica G I woke up next morning feeling kind of up and down Cos I did not know if I was in or out of town C Then I saw the face from the night before Bb G Purse was empty and lying there on the floor Bb G But like I told you before D F D C Bb G That everybody has to sometimes break the rules G C G Spent a low down evening sitting high on a honky-tonk stool. C G And I spent my money like a low down honky-tonk fool. D F D C Bb G But everybody has to sometimes break the rules D F D C Bb G But everybody has to sometimes break the rules D Bb5 A5 G But everybody has to sometimes break the rules

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