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I Am A Rock Chords

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by ecnusp

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I Am A Rock

A winter's day 

      F               C           
 In a deep and dark December; 

Dm G7  F  C 
I  am alone, 

Dm             Em     Dm               Em 
Gazing from my window to the streets below 

     Dm             F                G7 
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow. 

I am a rock, 

        G  C 
I am an is-land. 

I've built walls, 

  F                 C 
A fortress deep and mighty, 

     Dm   G7  F     C 
That none may penetrate. 

  Dm              Em          Dm                Em 
I have no need of friendship; friendship causes pain. 

     Dm                F           G7 
It's laughter and it's loving I disdain. 

I am a rock, 

        G  C 
I am an is-land. 

Don't talk of love, 

     F                 C 
I've heard the words before; 

     Dm  G7         F   C 
It's sleeping in my memory. 

      Dm                Em         Dm                 Em 
And I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died. 

     Dm            F                G7 
If I never loved I never would have cried. 

I am a rock, 

        G  C 
I am an is-land. 

I have my books 

       F            C 
And my poetry to protect me; 

     Dm   G7        F   C 
I am shielded in my armor, 

Dm           Em    Dm             Em 
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb. 

  Dm               F              G7 
I touch no one and no one touches me. 

I am a rock, 

        G  C 
I am an is-land. 

      Dm   Em       C 
And a rock feels no pain; 

       Dm     Em    C 
And an island never cries. 


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