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The Box Chords

Randy Travis

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

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The Box

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	         A                               D                 E               A   
On the top shelf in the closet, in the workshop where he spent his extra time 
      A                D           E                 A  
Was a dusty wooden box I had never noticed till that time 
        D                                                  A 
Then we set it on the table and carefully we opened up the top 
    E                                             A 
And stared into the memory, Daddy kept inside the box 
D A There was a letter from Mamma, when she went out to Reno to help her sister out in 62 E And a flower from Hawaii, when they went on vacation A It was the first time that my Daddy ever flew D And the pocket knife I gave to him on Fathers day A Years ago, I thought it had been lost E We all thought his heart was made of solid rock A But that was long before we found the box
I guess we always knew it_but "I love you" was hard for him to say Some men show it easy and some just never seem to find the way BUT that night I began__to see the softer side of some I had lost I saw the love he kept inside the first time_we opened up the box Chorus 2: There was a picture that was taken, when he and Mom were dating standing by his 1944 And the faded leather Bible, he got when he was baptised I guess no one understood him like the Lord And the poem that he had written, about his wife and children The tender words he spoke were quite a shock We all thought his heart was made of solid rock But that was long before we found the box Yes that was long before we found the box

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