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	  Intro: E  D  A/E  E  A 
 A                                                  D 
Operator please connect me with nineteen eighty two 
   E                                        D         E             A      E 
I need to make apologies for what I ___ didn't do 
   A                                                 D 
I sure do need to tell her that I've thought the whole thing through 
And now it's clear that she is what I should have held on to 
They say hind sights twenty, twenty  
              A       D       A 
But I'm nearly going blind 
>From staring at her photograph 
And wishing she was mine 
It's that same ole lost love story 
       D               Bm 
It's sad, but it's true 
There was a time when she was mine 
In nineteen eighty two 
A                                         D   
Postman can you sell me a special kind of stamp 
E                                            D          E    A      E 
One to send a letter from this crazy, lonely man 
A                                       D                Bm   
Back into the wasted years of my living past 
I need to tell her now I know how long my love will last 
repeat chorus: 
Losing my mind going back in time 
                                A         D  A E A   
Two nineteen eighty two 

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