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Something to believe in Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by ojkrem

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Something to believe in

Will I see him on the tv 
Preachin? ?bout the promised land 
He tells me to believe in jesus 
And steals the money from my hand 
Some say he was a good man 
But lord I think he sinned, yeah 
Twenty-two years of mental tears 
Cries a suicidal vietnam vet 
Who fought a losing war on a foreign shore 
To find his country didn?t want him back 
Their bullets took his best friend in saigon 
Our lawyers took his wife and kids, no regrets 
In a time I don?t remember 
In a war he can?t forget 
            E                     F#m 
He cried forgive me for what I?ve done there 
        G#m                      A 
Cause I never meant the things I did 
And give me something to believe in 
If there?s a lord above 
And give me something to believe in 
Oh, lord arise 
My best friend died a lonely man 
In some palm springs hotel room 
I got the call last christmas eve 
And they told me the news 
I tried all night not to break down and cry 
As the tears rolled down my face 
I felt so cold and empty 
Like a lost soul out of place 
        E               F#m 
And the mirror, mirror on the wall 
        G#m               A 
Sees my smile it fades again 
            E             F#m      
Sometimes I wish to God I didn?t know now 
    G#m                  A 
The things I didn?t know then 
Road you gotta take me home 
I drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold dark street 
Like bodies in an open grave 
Underneath the broken old neon sign 
That used to read jesus saves 
A mile away live the rich folks 
And I see how they?re living it up 
While the poor they eat from hand to mouth 
The rich is drinkin? from a golden cup 
    E                F#m 
And it just makes me wonder 
            G#m          A 
Why so many lose, so few win 
You take the high road 
And I?ll take the low road  
         E              F#m              
Yeah Sometimes I wish I didn?t know now 
    G#m                    A 
The things I didn?t know then 
And give me something to believe in 


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