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G                                Am 
When I see that star close of the moon 
G                   Am 
Something happen inside of me 
G                   Am 
Oh,God,how she is beautiful 
G               Am 
I feel she close to me 
C                                            G 
I never saw before a long blond hair like you have 
C                                      G 
I never saw before a blue eyes like you have 
Am                    C                   G 
Jeannie you have me,you have me,Jeannie you have me 
G                 Am 
Jeannie,I had a dream 
G                Am 
I thought:"If I have you" 
G                          Am 
Your eyes keeping everything clean 
G                            Am 
And your voice told me:"I love you" 
C                               G 
I never will forget what happened that day 
C                G 
And now I can to say 
Am                   C                  G 
Jeannie I have you,I have you,Jeannie I have you 
G               Am 
Now you are my girl 
G                Am 
Jeannie,you are my love 
G                 Am 
Jeannie you are my flame 
G                  Am 
with I have all the world 
C                            G 
If it's a dream I don't want wake up 
C                G 
I want to dream forever 
            Am         C                   G 
Jeannie I love you,I love you,Jeannie I love you 


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