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People Need the Lord Chords

Phil McHugh/Greg Nelson

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by Micah68gen

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People Need the Lord

	  A                              E           D    A                    E 
    Everyday they pass me by,      I can see it in their eyes. 
C#m                  F#m                Bm                                      Esus -E7 
Empty people filled with care, headed who knows where. 
A                                  E                D     A7                       D 
    On they go through private pain,     living fear to fear, 
Dm                                   A              D         Bm7    Esus -E7 
    Laughter hides their silent cries, only Jesus   hears. 
        A                         Bm7    A/C#                        D 
      People need the Lord,     people need the Lord. 
        E                      A                   Bm7                           E 
      At the end of broken dreams,    He's the open door. 
        A                         Bm7    A                              D 
      People need the Lord,     people need the Lord. 
        E                          A   Bm7           E7            A 
      When will we realize...people need the Lord? 
A                                E            D     A                                    E 
   We are called to take His light     to a world where wrong seems right. 
C#m                          F#m                   Bm                                                Esus -E 
What would be too great a cost for       sharing life with one who's lost? 
A                                           E               D     A7                               D 
   Through His love our hearts can feel        all the grief they bear. 
Dm                                A                  D        Bm7        Esus -E7 
  They must hear the words of life    only we can share. 
E                            A 
That we... must give our lives for 
Bm7        E7          F#m       Bm7     E7             A 
People need the Lord,     people need the Lord. 
©1987, Shepherd's Ford Music 


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