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The Unforgiven Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by _beneh_

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The Unforgiven

	      C                   G        D              Am   
1. New blood joins this earth  and quickly he's sub-dued.   
    C                          G         D                     Am   
   Through constant pain disgraced, the young boy learns their rules.   
       C                        G        D                Am   
    With time the child draws in, this whipping boy done wrong.   
         C                 G           D                  Am   
    Deprived of all his thoughts, the young man struggles on and  on.   
          C                          G         D              Am   
    He`s known, oooh  a  vow unto  his own, that never from this day   
         C                 G      Em   
    his will they'll take away. Yeah.   
Am C G D Am What I've felt, what I've known never shined through in what I've shown. C G D Am Never be. Never see. Won't see what might have been. C G D Am What I've felt, what I've known,never shined through in what I've shown. C G D Am Never free. Never me. So I dub thee unforgiven.
Am G E Am 2. They dedicate their lives to running all of his, C G E Am he tries to please them all, this bitter man he is. C G E Am Throughout his life`s the same, he's battled constantly. C G E Am This fight he cannot win. A tired man they see no longer cares. C G E Am The old man then prepares to die regretfully. C G Em That old man here is me. Yeah. + REFRAIN + REFRAIN ....

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