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He's Living My Dreams Chords

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He's Living My Dreams

	  Intro: (A)  (F#m)  (G)  (D)  (A) 
(A) Just another neon night 
(E) Alone again in the bar room light 
(Bm) Same old crowd with the same old dull rout(A)ine 
People going 'round and 'round 
(E) Tryin' to track the right one down 
(Bm) They talk alot, but they don't say a (E) thing 
(F#m) I don't know exactally why 
(B7) One couple caught my eye 
(G) So in love they (D) never noticed (E) me 
  He's living my (A) dreams, every (F#m) night 
  While I'm here a(G)lone, (D) he's holding her (A) tight 
  One look at his face, any fool can (F#m) see 
  He's got it (G) all 
  (D) He's living my (A) dreams 
(G)  (D)  (A) 
(A) They both look so out of place 
(E) Two real lovers face to face 
(Bm) I couldn't help but watch as they danced (A) by 
And something to me back to when 
(E) You and I were just like them 
(Bm) Back before the dreams that I had (E) died 
(F#m) And as they turned to leave 
(B7) She stopped and looked at me 
(D) I could've sworn that it was (E) you 
Repeat Chorus 
  One look at her face, any fool can (F#m) see 
  He's got it (G) all 
  (D) He's living my (A) dreams 
(G)  (D)  (A)  

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