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Amarillo Sky Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Amarillo Sky

	  intro: A-A7-A-A7-A-A7-A-A7 
(A)He gets up (A7)before the dawn 
(A)packs a lunch and a (A7)thermos full of (A)coffee(A7) 
(A)It's another day in the (A7)dusty haze 
those (A)burning rays are (A7)wearin' down his (A)body(A7) 
And (D)deisel's worth the price of (C)gold 
And it's the (D)cheapest grain he's ever so(A)ld 
But he's still holdin' (E)on 
And he (A)takes the tractor (E)another round 
and (F#m)pulls the plow across the ground(A) 
And (E)sends up another (D)prayer(E) 
He says "Lord, I (A)never complain, I (E)never aske why 
but (F#m)plese don't let my dreams run dry(A) 
(E)underneath, (D)underneath this (E)Amarillo (A)Sk(A7)y (A) 
(on second and third chorus, end like this: 
(E)Amarillo (A)Sky-(E)-(F#m)-y 
That hail storm back in '83 
sure did take a toll on his family 
But he stayed strog and carried on 
Just like his dad and grandad did before him 
on his knees every night he parys 
please let my crops and childeren grow 
'cause that's all he's ever known 
2nd chorus 
Break: A-E-D-E 
And he (A)takes the tractor (E)another round, (D)another round 
                                (another round) 
another round, 
And he (A)takes the tractor (E)another round, (D)another round 
3rd chorus (just the last half: from "He says...") 
(D)underneath this (E)Amarillo (A)sk(A7)y(A)-A7-A-A7-A 

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