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A day in the life of a fool (Manha De Carnaval) Chords

Luiz Bonfá

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by malakoviolis

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A day in the life of a fool (Manha De Carnaval)

A Bossa Nova/Jazz tune in a version with english words.   

Part I: 
  Am            Bm7(b5) E7(b9)         Am9 Am   Bm7(b5)  E7 
A day ____ in the life ____of a fool,________________ 
  Am              Dm7         G7      Cmaj7   Em7(b5)  A7(b9) 
a sad _____ and a long_____ lonely day,_____________ 
            Dm7           G7 
I walk the avenue,__________ 
             Cmaj7       Fmaj7 
and hope I'll run into_________ 
            Bm7(b5)         E7(b9) 
the welcome sight of you_______ 
         Am9  Am       Bm7(b5)  E7 
coming my way.___________ 

Part II: 
   Am            Bm7(b5) E7(b9)   Am9 Am   Bm7(b5)  E7 
I stop_____ just across from your door______________ 
    Em7(b5)          A7(b9) C7(b9)   Dm9 Dm7            
but you're____ never home_____ anymore____ 
               Bm7(b5)      E7(b9)             
So back in my room_________ 
                 Am   Am/G  F#m7(b5)  F7 
and there in the gloom__________ 
   Bm7/E             E7 
I cry_________ 
tears of goodbye.________________ 

Part III: 
                 Dm7 D7                      Am7 G7 
'Til	 you	 come        back	 to 	me, 
                    Dm7 C7                                     Am7 F7 
that's	   the	    way	       it	         will             be 
              Dm7 Bm7(b5)                        Em7 E7(b9)                       Am6 
every 	     day         in           the           life          of          a        fool. 

-  In the "Am   Am/G  F#m7(b5)  F7  Bm7/E  E7 line       at the second part you can play this: 

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Am Am/G F#m7(b5) F7 Bm7/E E7 }--3--{ }--3--{ }--3--{ }--3--{ I----------------------------------------------------------------------------I I-----1-----------1------------1-------------1------3----3-------3-----------I I---2----------2------------2--------------2--------2----2-------1-----------I I---------------------------------------------------4----4-------2-----------I I-0--------------------------------------------------------------------------I I------------3-----------2---------------1----------0----0-------0-----------I
- The Chords at the { } in the third part are alternate chords. I Hope You enjoyed it...... ;-) d~juice.

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