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Steady My Heart Chords

Kari Jobe

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by Livin4Jesus321

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Steady My Heart

	  Verse 1: 
G                             Em                         D                             C                                                                      
wish it could be easy why is life so messy whys pain a part of us  
G                                    Em                                D                              C                                                                      
there are days i feel like nothing ever goes right sometimes it just hurts so much  

               Em            D               C              D  
but You're here You're real i know i can trust You  
G D Em C even when it hurts even when it's hard even when it all just falls apart G D Em C i will run to You cause i know that You are lover of my soul healer of my scars G D You steady my he art G Em You steady my he art
Verse 2: i'm not gonna worry i know that You got me right inside the palm of Your hand each and every moment what's good and right gets broken happen just the way You plan Pre-Chorus: You are here You're real i know i can trust You Bridge: G D Em C and i will run to You I find refuge in Your arms G D Em C and i will sing to You cause of everything You are

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