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Heatwave Chords

Joan Osbourne

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by gcsmith

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Ab   C#/Ab   C#/Ab  C#/Ab  C#/Ab C#/Ab  C#/Ab (lead in notes), Bb Bb Ab F 
Ebm   F#m    Bbm    Bbm   
Ebm   F#m     Bbm     Bbm     
Ebm   F#m    F#   Ab    C#/F#  C#/F#  C#/F#   C#/F#  C#/F#  C#/F#  C#  
             Ebm       F#m         Bbm        Bbm 
Whenever I'm with him, something inside    ( inside?.) 
          Ebm           F#m     Bbm       Bbm 
Starts to burning      and Im filled with desireeee 
Ebm                F#m              
Could it be the devil in me  
        F#                  Ab 
Or is this  the way love's supposed to be 
            C#/F# and so on 
Its like a  heatwave         burning in my heart 
can't keep from crying,      its tearin me apart 
Whenever he calls my name 
So close he can blame  ( not sure what she says here)  NOTE: 
I feel, right nowwwww 
I feel that burning pain 
Has high blood pressure got a hold on me 
Or is this the  way love's supposed to be 
{repeat Chorus} 
Ooh... Sax Solo 1 verse long 
Sometimes I'd see his face 
Tears all o????ver my place 
can't explain it, don't understand it 
I ain't never felt like this before 
Now that funny feeling has me amazed 
Don?t know what to do  
my head?s in a haze 
Its like a heatwave twice C#/F# only here 
Ebm part here till end 
Yeah yeah yeah yeah aaa 
Vamp on vocals 
Listen to the CD 
Heatwave yeah yeah yeah 
I feel it I feel it  
Like a heatwave 


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