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Brown Eyed Girl Chords

Jimmy Buffett

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by Volcano7051

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Brown Eyed Girl


G               C           G             D 
G               C           G             D 

G               C           G             D  
 Hey, where did we go       days when the rain came  
G             C             G         D  
 Down in  the hollow        playing a new game  
G             C                         G              D  
 Laughing, and a running,  hey, hey     Skipping and a jumping  
G             C                      G             D7           C  
 in the misty morning fog,    with    our hearts a thumpin' and you,  
D7              G     Em  
  my brown eyed girl  
C        D7              G     D  
 You, my   brown eyed girl  
G         C             G               D  
 Whatever happened       to Tuesday and so slow  
G                C                       G            D  
 Going down to the old mine   With a     transistor radio  
G              C                       G               D  
 Standing in the sunlight laughing     Hiding behind a rainbow's wall  
G             C              G             D7             C  
 Slipping and a sliding      All along the waterfall  With you,  
D7              G      Em  
  my brown eyed girl  
C         D7              G  
 You my    brown eyed girl  
D7                                   G  
  Do you remember when we used to sing  
G           C         G              D7  
  Sha la la la la la la la la lala de da    (x2)  
  La de da  
G           G           C             G              D 

G           C             G              D  
 So hard to find my way,    Now that I'm all on my own  
G               C               G            D  
 I saw you just the other day,    My how you have grown  
G               C                  G                      D  
 Cast my memory back there, Lord     Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout  
G                 C          G            D7         C  
Laughing and a running baby     Behind the stadium with you  
D7                G       Em  
 My brown eyed girl  
C          D7           G  
 You my    brown eyed girl  


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