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If You Could REad My Mind Chords

Gordon Lightfoot

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by Nightlord

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If You Could REad My Mind

          If you could read my mind, love, 
          What a tale my thoughts could tell. 
          Just like an old time movie, 
          'Bout a ghost from a wishing well. 
        G              G7/B 
          In a castle dark, 
             C                     D                B/D#      Em 
       Or a fortress strong, with chains upon my feet. 
            C                           G 
       You know that ghost is me, 
            C               G/B 
       And I will never be set free, 
           Am                D                           G 
       As long as I'm a ghost that you can't see. 
       If you could read my mind, love, 
       What a tale your thoughts could tell. 
       Just like a paperback novel, 
       The kind the drugstores sell. 
           G                       G7  
       Then you reached the part 
                C                     D              Em 
Where the heartaches come, the hero would be me. 
           C                  G 
       But heroes often fail. 
            C                                          G 
       And you won't read that book again, 
               C             D                    G 
       Because the ending's just too hard to take. 
       G          G7 
       I'd walk away 
               C                    D                     Em 
       Like a movie star, who gets burned in a three-way script. 
        C            G 
       Enter number two: 
          C              G 
       A movie queen to play the scene 
           C                D                   G 
       Of bringing all the good things back to me 
            C              G 
       But for now, love, let's be real. 
          C                      G 
       I never thought, I could feel this way. 
                 C                 D 
       And I've got to say that I just don't get it. 
        C                  G 
       I don't know where we went wrong, 
                C                     D                 G 
       But the feeling's gone, and I just can't get it back. 
       If you could read my mind ... 
         But for now, love ... 

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