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Sunshine Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by btemowo

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	  Intro: Em  Bm7  G#m7  G  A 
Em              Bm7            G#m7 
       Made a wish, I can dream 
        G             A 
I can be what I want to be 
Em     	  Bm7            G#m7 
      Not afraid to live life 
          G       A 
And fulfil my fantasies 
G7                              G#m                 Bm 
I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life 
       A             G         G#m    Em7 
You helped me find my paradise 
When you came you were like 
D                                 Bm7 
    Sunshine through my window 
That's what you are 
	      G    A 
My shining star (sunshine) 
D	      Bm7 
Making me feel  
I'm on top of the world 
	     G              D 
Telling me I'll go far 
Em		Bm7              G#m7 
       Reaching out, for new highs 
         G        A             Em 
You inspired me to try 
	  Bm7      G#m7 
Felt the magic inside 
         G           A 
And I felt that I could fly 
G7                                        G#m        Bm 
I'm looking at the world in an optimistic light 
       A               G     G#m    Em7 
You made me appreciate my life 
'Cos when you came you were like 
Bm7             A                          G 
You are the calm, and I am the storm 
	        A                              Bm7 
You are the breeze that carries me on 
                  A                         G 
When I set adrift, you anchor me 
You're there for me 
Chorus: (in E major): 
E                                 Cm7 
    Sunshine through my window 
That's what you are 
	      A   B 
My shining star (sunshine) 
E	          Cm7 
    Making me feel  
I'm on top of the world 
	      A       B               
Telling me I'll go far 
Repeat Chorus to fade 


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