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One Summer Dream Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by monc

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One Summer Dream

	  (1)                 (2)                  (3) 
(1)         (2)                         (3)             (4)  
   So I go,      though it hurts me so,    I'm crying for your love. 
   C           Cj7              C7 
1. Deep waters flow out to the sea,  
                F    Em  E7 Am 
   they never needed you or me. 
   Am          Em    Am           Fj7 
   One summer dream, One summer dream. 
   Blue mountains high and valley low,  
   I don't know which way I should go. 
   Am          Em    Am           Fj7   C   G 
   One summer dream, One summer dream. 
    A  Aj7  A Em-g Em-f# Em  Em7  
2. Warm summer breeze blows endlessly 
   Touching the hearts of those who feel 
   One summer dream, One summer dream. 
   Bird on a wing goes floating by 
   But there's a teardrop in its eye. 
   One summer dream, One summer dream. 
Cj7   x32000	 	Em-g  022003 
Fj7   x03210		Em-f# 022002 
A     x02225		Em    022000	 
Aj7   x02224		Em7   020033 
   `&'     ******************************************************** 
    #      Franz Lemmermeyer              **   Die  endgueltige   * 
    #      Erwin-Rohde-Str. 19            **        Teilung       * 
   _#_     69120 Heidelberg               **     Deutschlands,    * 
  ( # )                                   **     das ist unser    * 
  / O \    hb3@ix.urz.uni-heidelberg.de   **        Auftrag!      * 
 ( === )                                  ***** Chlodwig Poth  **** 
  `---'    ********************************************************           


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